Creating a classification Taxonomy with Vital AI

Part of a series to introduce the Vital AI software used to make predictions.

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To categorize data, we need to define the categories and add them into our data model.

We can use a simple text file and helper application to do this.

First, our categories:



vitaltaxonomy -i twentynews_taxonomy.txt -o twentynews_categories.owl

The vitaltaxonomy command creates an OWL file that contains the list of categories.

These can be merged into our data model using:

vitalsigns mergeindividuals -o twentynews-1.0.2.owl -i ../taxonomy/twentynews_categories.owl

Now our categories are added into our data model.  We can check it by listing them.

vitalsigns listindividuals -o twentynews-1.0.1.owl


And we can see them added into our model with Protege:


Next: Adding features and target to a Vital AI predictive model

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