SmartData, NoSQL Now! conference talk: MetaQL: Queries Across NoSQL, SQL, Sparql, and Spark

I’m excited for my talk tomorrow at the NoSQLNow! conference!  I hope those in the San Francisco/San Jose area can make it, and for those that do, please join me on Tuesday at 2pm!

— Marc Hadfield

Further details:

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

02:00 PM – 02:45 PM

SmartData, NoSQL Now! conference in San Jose, California

SmartData conference:

NoSQL Now conference:

MetaQL: Queries Across NoSQL, SQL, Sparql, and Spark

Each database has its strengths and weaknesses for different data access profiles, and we should endeavor to use the right tool for the right job.

However, adding another infrastructure component greatly increases not only the management effort, but also the development effort to integrate and maintain connections across multiple data repositories, let alone keeping the data synchronized.

In this talk, we’ll discuss MetaQL, a common query layer across database technologies including NoSQL, SQL, Sparql, and Spark.

Using a common query layer lessens the burden on developers, allows using the right database for the right job, and opens up data to additional analysis that would be unavailable previously – providing new and unexpected value.

In this talk, we will discuss:

  • Database Data Model and Schema
  • Java/JVM Query Builder, driven by Schema
  • Query constructs for “Select”, “Graph”, “Path”, and “Aggregation” Queries
  • NoSQL & SQL Databases
  • Sparql RDF Databases, including Allegrograph
  • Apache Spark, including SparkSQL and the new DataFrame API
  • ETL, Transactions, and Data Synchronization
  • Seamless queries across databases

More details:

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