Vital AI Dev Kit and Product Release 255, including Vital DynamoDB Vitalservice Implementation

VDK 0.2.255 was recently released, as well as corresponding releases for each product.


The main new addition is the Vital DynamoDB Vitalservice Implementation, now available in the dashboard.

The Vital DynamoDB product provides an implementation of the Vitalservice API using Amazon’s DynamoDB Database-as-a-Service as the data repository.

DynamoDB provides a scalable NoSQL database service.  The Vitalservice implementation allows all the capabilities of the Vitalservice API such as Graph queries and use of VitalSigns domain model objects with DynamoDB as the underlying database.

More information about DynamoDB is available from Amazon here:

New artifacts are in the maven repository:

Code is in the public github repos for public projects:

Vital DynamoDB Highlights:

  • Vitalservice implementation using Amazon’s DynamoDB as the underlying data repository
  • IndexDB updates to use DynamoDB as the backing database, combined with the Index for fast queries
  • VitalPrime updates to support IndexDB using DynamoDB
  • Support for transactions
  • Support for all query types include Select, Graph, Path, and Aggregation
  • Support for all query constraints including subclasses and subproperties
  • Vitalservice administrative scripts available for managing Apps, Segments
  • Vital Utility scripts updates for imports, exports, upgrades, downgrades and other data processing with DynamoDB