NY Tech Day ’17

Thank you everyone who popped by our booth at Tech Day 2017! We’re proud to haveĀ received an overwhelming interest inĀ our new AI platform, Haley AI!



We are excited to keep in touch with all whom we met yesterday! Feel free to hit us up at info@vital.ai should you have any question about Vital AI!



Marc introduced Haley AI to one of the many interested attendees.

And a 360-degree view from our booth!


It was a busy day but we sure had a blast!

For those who did not get a chance to speak to us yesterday, connect with us at info@vital.ai and we’d love to speak to you more about Vital!

Once again, thank you to all organizers for this amazing event! And kudos to 575 other innovative startups for the great job!

See you guys again at Tech Day in 2018!

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