FinTech Artificial Intelligence SaaS Startup seeking Senior Java/JVM Developer to join the team!

Seeking: Senior Java/JVM Software Engineer, with Operations Experience 

FinTech Artificial Intelligence SaaS Startup seeking Senior Java/JVM Developer to join the team! provides an Insurance Supply Chain/Marketplace driven by Artificial Intelligence.  Our infrastructure processes and generates realtime messages via our A.I. workflow engine to facilitate transactions across our Marketplace.  We work with all participants in the insurance industry from agents to reinsurance, and the insured customers.

We are seeking immediately a Senior Java/JVM Developer (5+ Years Experience) to implement new features and help improve and scale our SaaS infrastructure, and to help integrate our Marketplace suppliers (such as Insurance Companies).  Required experience with Streaming applications (Websockets, Kafka); XML; Security; API Integrations; Database Queries, Transactions, and Infrastructure; and Monitoring and Managing AWS infrastructure for scaling, performance, and uptime.  There is some overlap with operations (“DevOps”), but this is primarily a software development role.  Primary development environment is on the JVM using Java, Scala, and Groovy.  Experience with Apache Spark and Tensorflow is a plus.  Experience with Web technologies (NodeJS, VertX) is a plus.

Location is Lower Manhattan.

Salary, Benefits, Equity commensurate with experience.  No recruiters please. is a joint venture of Vital AI and Diversified Risk.





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